Jumping Higher – Plyometric Boxes

by Jessie

Jumping Higher - Plyometric Boxes

Jumping Higher - Plyometric Boxes

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If you have been an athlete or if you have tried sports like basketball, you must have dreamed of jumping higher in order to get ahead of everyone and become an exceptional athlete.  There are a lot of exercises that you must have tried, like using weights and running on stairs just to be able to jump higher.

The thing that you should build up is your muscle strength as vertical jumping involves the proper use of your muscles to propel you upwards.  You need to learn the necessary techniques and work out needed to achieve your goal of Jumping Higher.

Plyometric training through the use of Plyometric boxes is an effective way to build your muscle strength.  This will train you to become agile and flexible and make you endure the strain that you go through any athletic event.

Plyometric Boxes are used in jump exercises to train you how to balance and strengthen your leg muscles.  Although you can buy these boxes at online stores, you can build your own if you choose to.

To make Plyometric Boxes measuring 24 inches, you will need 4 half inch thick pieces of plywood measuring 24 inches each, 3 inch wood screws and a power drill.

All you need to do is to screw the plywood pieces together to make a box and fill the spaces in between them with glue.  You can add more screws to make your box stronger.  To prevent it from slipping, place rubber strips at the bottom of the Plyometric Box and test it.

Remember to use the boxes in a safe landing like grass or the track field and avoid placing your Plyometric Boxes in damp surfaces to prevent it from slipping.  Now jumping higher will be a dream that you can easily achieve with the help of plyometric training and using your Plyometric Boxes.

Click here for the Jump Manual

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